“Unlocking the value of organizational ideas and projects.”

Our mission is to unlock more business value of clients organizational ideas and projects by embracing diversity, multiple approaches and different points of views. As a result we provide an out of the box approach in order to enhance portfolio, programme, and project management capabilities.


After Rianne Cicilia gained extensive experience with managing complex portfolios, delivering programmes and projects in the past 10 years she founded Alta Services in 2019 with the belief in the power of change and an aspiration to deliver projects that achieve more business value. She believes that the soft skills of project managers are key to delivering projects with a good outcome. It is her belief that although every organization has good ideas, even the greatest ideas have no value if they can’t be materialized. Therefore, with Alta Services she aims to unlock the value of organizational ideas and projects.


We aim to serve and partner with profit and non-profit organizations in various industries in the Netherlands and Dutch Caribbean either on-premise or virtually. Regardless of your organization’s size we will provide you with advice and support tailored to your organization’s requirements.


Alta Services provides expertise to organizations in the Netherlands & Dutch Caribbean wanting to develop and enhance their portfolio, programme, project and change capabilities. 

We have experience with various topics such as Data Privacy, Integration, Data Management, Software selection, GDPR and a variety of platforms either on-premise or cloud throughout various industries. Building and maintaining a partnership with our client is essential for us. 

As a partner we offer:

  • An independent and trusted view
  • Core hard and soft skills needed to drive complex transformational agendas from strategy to implementation tailored to your organization.
  • On-call expert project resources on a short notice.

Contact us more for information:

info@altaservicesint.com or schedule a free consult